Sloane Residences Balmoral Road Close to Public Amenities and Supermarkets

Sloane Residences is a serene luxury home residence located in Balmoral road and has been developed by the prestigious Tiong Seng Holdings Limited who have been in the industry for the last 50 years and Ocean Sky International who have also made a mark in the construction industry with buildings like the Eco Garden Mall.

When choosing a home you must consider a lot of factors before you decide on the perfect one and Sloane Residences have unique and many facilities available for the residences making it suitable for everyone whether with or without families.

Proximity To Social And Public Amenities Near to Sloane Residences

When looking for the perfect home, it is important to consider the amenities close by, for example if you have kids, you need to choose a home with close proximity to hospitals and good schools. Sloane residence being in the heart of Balmoral road is strategically located and gives you a wide variety of both elite and regular schools to choose from and good hospitals.

For country club lovers, it is the best home for you as it is near several country clubs where you can go make business contacts as some of these clubs are where successful business people gather. You also have a place you and your family can enjoy yourselves during the weekends or during holidays.

Sloane Residences Near to Grocery Stores and Supermarkets

Sloane Residences Condo is also near several grocery stores and supermarkets. This makes it convenient and therefore saves you a lot of time if you want to go do your shopping. You are also guaranteed of getting fresh foods especially fruits and vegetables and you get a wide variety of stores to choose from so you can get the best for you and your family.

When choosing a home you also need to be sure that you and your family live in a secure place and this is also important to us. Sloane residence has a guard house and therefore you have 24hr security for you and your family in all parts of the building and its surrounding. Its location is also in a secure neighborhood, so you live freely knowing you are secured at any time of the day.

Public Transportation Near to Sloane Residences

If you regularly use public transportation, then you know how vital it is to live near one, and because Sloane Residence is a few minutes’ walk to the Newton M.R.T Station, it will make the perfect home for you as you will save a lot of time to and from the station.

For residences who travel to the city, Sloane Residence is also right next to the expressway making it easily accessible.

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