Seaside Residences Siglap Road Condo 112 Katong Shopping Mall

Seaside Residences is a new launch that has been done by Fraser Centrepoint Homes for those who need luxurious homes. The home will have some of the unique features that would make it an amazing place where you can call home. This 99-year leasehold tenure would be a cool place for residents who to enjoy themselves during their stay in the place. It will consist of 800 to 900 units for the residents who may be looking for a new home for their families near 112 Katong Shopping Mall. The site will made of 19309 square units in terms of size that would make it one of the places to visit for those who need excellent place. This would fit family needs regardless of their sizes as well as family preferences.

Seaside Residences Frasers Centrepoint near 112 Katong Shopping Mall

Seaside Residences will have a serene location that would make it different when compared to the previous amenities. The close proximity to social amenities such as MRT station will make it appealing for the residents. The location will be close to some of the top schools such as Victoria, Victoria junior schools, Saint Patrick’s School, Temasek Junior, Primary and Secondary Schools. People will also enjoy some places of interest such as 112 Katong, East Coast Park, Marine Parade Center and Parkway Parade. Residents will always have fun whenever they are visiting these places of interest.

Seaside Residences Siglap MRT Station 112 Katong Shopping Centre

Seaside Residences has some of the social amenities that would make you more comfortable whenever you are residing in the place near to East Coast and 112 Katong Shopping Centre. You will enjoy several facilities such as indoor gym, tennis court, a swimming pool, and BBQ area for you and children playing ground. The security at Seaside Residences Siglap will be excellent especially for those who may be interested in living within the area. You will enjoy a resort lifestyle that you will enjoy especially when you want to visit the place. You will definitely raise children in a serene environment where they will always have fun during their stay.

Seaside Residences Siglap Link Road Condo East Coast

Seaside Residences will have several floor plans that would make it unique especially when you need a cool place to reside with your families. They will be located in two areas the East Coast Parkway and Marine Parade Way for the residents. With the 1, 2, and even 4 bedroom units, you will have a wide range of options to select whenever you need a place where you can live with your families. The general view of the Seaside Residences will enable you enjoy a cool environment especially when living with your families

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