Parc Riviera West Coast Vale Floor Plans and Launch Prices

Parc Riviera is a housing development currently under construction in Singapore. It is expected that there will be around 500 executive condos altogether once the construction work has finished. The exact final number of units will depend on the planning permission provided by the local council. EL Development developer may also consider changing the ratio between the numbers of one through to four bedroom condos within the three high rise tower blocks, which are currently under construction. The developers for Parc Riviera West Coast are wanting to have permission to build the maximum number of units as possible. That would allow them to maximize their profits, and quickly make back the money already spent on building the complex. Whatever the precise ratio between the different sized condos there will be a strong emphasis on selling units to families.

Parc Riviera Launch Prices and Condo Floor Plans

The condos within the complex itself will have enough good things about them to sell without too much of a problem. However if potential buyers for Parc Riviera start thinking about where this development is located then it makes the condos seem an even better option to buy. Being situated close to West Gate and the Japanese Gardens plus the Big Box arguably enhance the selling points even further. There are some desirable places within a short traveling distance, and with good transport connections it would not take too long to complete both legs of the journey.

Parc Riviera West Coast Vale EL Development

Those among any potential residents that have a strong compulsion to shop will definitely be impressed by how close they would be to malls. The complex is near to 321 Clementi Shopping Centre and also the Jurong East Mall. Given the number of new malls built in the last few years there are several more shopping centres close to the new complex.

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