Little India Shopping in India Close to Perumal Road

Welcome to the best place for getting to know the best of the Indian community in Singapore – Little India. You will be amazed at its colorful setting, historical background, and an extraordinary shopping offer. There is much to do and see in this part of Singapore, that simply lures you to come back again and experience this unique atmosphere again.

Historical background of Little India

At the beginning of the 18th century – during 1840’, this area was occupied by Europeans. They lived here primarily because of the existing racecourse.

In the following years, cattle trading developed and established a strong foundation. Since traders usually hired Indian migrants for work, Indians traders began to permanently inhabit this area. The Indian community continued to develop and enrich their new settlement with mosques and Hindu temples.

As soon as you step into Little India, you will feel that something special awaits you. All of your senses will be awakened in the ways you never knew before. You just can’t be prepared for the explosion of flavors, sounds, and fragrances. Perumal Road Condo by Low Keng Huat which is called Uptown @ Farrer is located close to Little India as well. Uptown @ Farrer is highly sought after due to its located close to Little India.

Perumal Road Condo Close to Little India

Merchants will do their best to interest you in their products, by offering you to taste and smell various spices in vibrant colors. Chai lovers will be thrilled with the aroma of Indian chai made of roses.
Henna tattoo professional artists are waiting on every corner to give you a special Indian tattoo, which is unlike something you’ve seen before.
What Not to Miss in Little India?
Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple – this is one of the most famous and one of the oldest Hindu temples in Little India. This temple is at the very core of Little India and is an excellent reminder on the efforts and love invested in its construction.

Abdul Gaffor Mosque – this mosque was built in 1859 as a place that served many Indian merchants. Since its founding, it has gone through many restorations. The mosque is actually a unique mixture of Indian and Roman style.

Temple of 1000 Lights – the architecture of this temple is different because it is mainly in Thai style. Tourists love the Temple of 1000 Lights because it holds one-of-a-kind attraction – a picture of Buda surrounded with many light bulbs.
Some of the other temples to visit are Leong San See Temple, House of Tan Tengah, Sri Srinivasa Temple, and many more.

Shopping for Groceries Close to Little India

If you like shopping for groceries, you will definitely love the Tekka Centre. Even if shopping is not your thing, this is a completely different experience than going to the usual markets. This is an indoor market where you can find the most incredible products. Besides a stunning offer of fresh food and spices, there are also plenty of restaurants where you can try real Indian food and Halal dishes. One thing is sure – you will not leave this place hungry.

For those who like shopping for clothes and other miscellaneous accessories, there is 24-hour open Mustafa Center. The only problem is that you will probably spend more money than you planned, because of all the electronic goods, health and beauty products, textiles, etc.
Come and Experience Little India!
This truly is a magical destination. Just wait until you see its colorful festivals (Festival of Lights, Pongal Festival) and celebrations like Indian New Year. They are a true representation of how mythology and tradition meet new era and make a very interesting combination. Listen to the music and treat your senses with an unforgettable experience.

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