Jui Residences Near to The Venue Shoppes Singapore

Do you desire to live in an environment that is cool and offers you comfort? Are you tired covering longer distances to get essential services? Well, this nightmare is never experienced at Jui Residences. Located along Serangoon road, Jui Residences boasts of several benefits that it’s residents enjoy. Discussed below are the reasons why life is enjoyable at Jui Residences.

Jui Residences The Venue Shoppes Singapore

Most parents find it easy to educate their children due to the good academic institutions that surround Jui Residences. Among the institutions is Cedar Girls secondary school that is an academic center offering quality education to girls and equipping them with good skills that enable them to become valuable in the society. Equally, St Andrew’s Junior College is amongst the leading colleges in the country. It offers a platform for boys and girls who have the passion to advance their education. Not only does the college nature students academically but also in other fields like sports and in spiritual matters. This makes Jui Residences a place everyone would wish to live. Jui Residences The Venue Shoppes is also located at Potong Pasir MRT Station.

Jui Residences Potong Pasir Town

Travelling from one place to the other is easier at Jui Residences. This is because it is located next to the intersection of Central Expressway as well as the Plan Island Expressway. This makes car owners to easily access areas such as Changi airport, Woodlands or Orchard. Equally, there are buses that can be easily accessed making it easier for one to travel. Jui Residences is also located near Potong Pasir MRT station hence it’s easy for residents to move using the train.

Jui Residences Selangor Dredging

Jui Residences is located near Venue shoppes which is a major shopping center. It gives a wide variety of shopping option to the residents. It is impossible for one to miss any item they wish to get at Venue shoppes. Equally, there are several eateries where families can branch and enjoy delicious mouth-watering delicacies.

Jui Residence is an environment of peace and comfort. Not only does it offer the above benefits but also there are swimming pools around, tennis court and indoor gym. These are the reasons why Jui Residences are the best!


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