Forest Woods Serangoon City Developments Limited CDL Singapore

Finding a place to stay does not have to be difficult, and if you are looking for something comfortable, luxurious, family friendly, and offers convenience, then consider Forest Woods, which is a new development that has apartment and condominium homes in Upper Serangoon, Singapore. Currently it is estimated that 500 units will be built.

It was developed by City Developments, which also developed many other prime apartment homes in Singapore, so those considering moving into a new home can take some confidence that these new apartment and condominium homes were developed by a company with experience.

If you like fitness or sports, Forest Woods Lew Lian provides ample opportunities to take advantage of facilities offered. Serangoon is an area that has gardens, so there is plenty of space to take a walk and enjoy the scenery, and additionally there is a gym, tennis courts, swimming pool and family activity areas. Do one activity or sport, and it is up to you which one you would like to do. Alternatively, do more than one activity or sport – it’s your choice.

Forest Woods Singapore Condo CDL

Like to read and want to borrow the books of your interest? Or like the relaxing atmosphere at the library? Then come visit Serangoon Public Library, which is located in the Nex Shopping Mall. Get there easily – just take either the Serangoon Bus Interchange or the Serangoon Interchange Station, and travel efficiently to the library. If you prefer to drive, then you can do so, for there is plenty of parking space at Nex Shopping Mall.

If you have friends living nearby Forest Woods Condo Singapore by City Developments, or want to organize a social event, then it’s easy to do so. There are meeting rooms and function rooms available. Furthermore, if you want to plan an event and also want food to eat for everyone, there are grocery stores available nearby where you can easily get the food everyone likes.

Besides grocery stores, there are also nearby shopping centers. Heartland Mall has 112 shops and boutiques, and so enjoy a wide variety of choices as you shop. There are fashion stores and places where you can grab a bite to eat. The choice is yours: dine at Subway, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Prima Deli, Thai Express or other restaurants.

Forestwoods Singapore City Developments Limited

Furthermore, if you have not had time to visit grocery stores near Forestwoods Singapore Lew Lian, don’t worry, for here at Heartland Mall, you find grocery stores too. Additionally if you have little ones and want to drop them somewhere safe while you shop, you can. Many educational providers provide tutoring sessions: I Can Read, Mavis Tutorial, and Tien Hsia Language school.

As we discuss the little ones you may have, you may also be thinking about their schooling outside the shopping mall. There are many schools nearby, and you can visit them easily and pick which school suits your child. Yang Zheng Primary School provides many programs for children so they can have the tools to succeed. Their mission is to provide a supportive environment for each student so that they enjoy learning and develop into good leaders. One way the school provides a supportive environment is that teachers and parents have open communication with each other so any concerns can be addressed quickly.

Forest Woods Serangoon CDL

If you have female children living at Forest Woods Lew Lian Serangoon, and prefer to send her to a girls-only school, then consider Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School. Their motto is Look Up-Lift Up. They have religious principles and aims to make each student into a confident and passionate adult who has a good sense of what is right and what is wrong.

Furthermore, their educational programmes are challenging but at the same time interesting. These programmes focus on leadership, citizenship and self- management. However, everything is not all about academics, for the school also offers sports like badminton, table tennis, netball, track and field, volleyball and swimming. Other activities that students may like are dance, choir, drama, chess club, technology club, and more.

Other educational choices are St. Gabriel’s Secondary School, Nanyang Junior College, and Maris Stella High School.

Forest Woods has a lot to offer couples or families. Stay safe, feel comfortable, get fit, and relax with family and friends here. If what you now know about Forest Woods sounds good to you, then come have a look.

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