The Clematis SingHaiYi Properties Amenities

In the last decade, the Singaporean government has taken Some important steps to resolve housing problems and to fix population density issue. they have been feeling some of the lands to the private real estate company and even funding them as well to resolve these problems. among them, one of the biggest projects is taken on Bukit Timah and in Clementi. the government is planning to make them Megacity and turn them into the business area as well. In this scenario, Sing Haiyi company is playing a vital role to change the look of clematis.

The Clematis Condo by SingHaiYi Properties

Clematis is situated beside the largest business district of Singapore, Bukit Timah. SingHaiyi company is selling condos in heart of the climates.It Is actually located in the former West Park which has some historical values as well.SingHaiyi Has taken some measures to ensure the security of the residential. The Clematis SingHaiYi and apartments are built on 633644 sq ft. They have the largest parking lot to park almost 150 cars at a single time. They condos and Apartments are also designed with some of the famous architecture of Singapore. So you will get all the latest facilities in your new home.

Hospitals and Schools Near to The Clematis Condo

SECURITY: They have surveillance cameras which are covering all the area. their security guards work in a shift for 12 hours. so they won’t be able to get sleepy or tired in the work. they even check registry if some stranger tries to enter the apartment area.

1)HOSPITALS: Canterbury Medical hospital is Located only two blocks away from the clematis project. it is one of the best hospitals in Singapore especially for surgery.they have even helicopter landing facility for emergency situations. So in case something bad happens to you at the night, you will be able to get medical help within 5 minutes.

2)SCHOOLS: Some of the elegant schools like Clementi Town Secondary School located within a 1-kilometer radius of this project. So you don’t have to worry about your children education if you move on here.

Shopping Mall Near to The Clematis Singapore

3)MALLS: One of the biggest shopping mall within Bukit Timah and Clementi region named The Clementi mall is located only 673 meters away from the clematis project. SingHaiyi Group has also established some malls to achieve the given go of the government to turn this place into one of the biggest business districts of Singapore. So if you want to start a business in here, you can start from there as well and my event gets some discount as you are buying both apartment and shop.

ENTERTAINMENT: Some big Parks like Regent Park,West park How located near the location. so you will be able to make a family picnic there. You can take your kid to Polyart Aquarium which will not only just a amuse him but also help him to learn any mail of oceans as well. they even have a large swimming pool area included in their project .so you will be able to swim as well and will be able to have a good time with your friends.

so if you are thinking to buy a Condo or apartment then wait no more and make your deal today.AS it is one of the main centers of the business district, the price is rising up every day.

Amenities Near to The Garden Residences by Keppel Land and Wingtai Holdings

The Garden Residences are located in the North of Serangoon and have grown much attention in recent months with their opening and many April private home sales. The market for them is growing and the interest for them is increasing greatly.

Although this is becoming an incredible place to live near to The Garden Residences Keppel Land, it’s not just due to the quality of the living spaces. The reason the market for this residential area is increasing in value and the reason it began so high is due to the fact that the area isn’t completely residential.

Amenities Near to The Garden Residences

Surrounding The Garden Residences are everything from places to eat, places to be entertained, and essentially everything you could desire around your home. The cost of living here is in the millions and could be expected to increase as demand for them increases. There will be 613 units available in the structure once it is launched in June, with hundreds of people already desiring to live here.

As with most large residential structures such as this, which boasts a grand 15 stories, there are numerous styles of homes available – from one bedroom with a study to three bedrooms. This variation in size and space for all different sizes of families, The Garden Residences is proving to offer a little bit for everyone. This fact is reinforced with the nearby malls, dining spaces, and famous attractions that are entertaining for individuals of all passions, ages, and backgrounds.

Prices for The Garden Residences by Keppel Land and Wingtai Holdings

The prices for these units will range as the size of them ranges, from around $800,000 to prices in the $1,000,000s and further.

Due to the lack of similar facilities and living spaces in the area, The Garden Residences is a near perfect example of a company taking advantage of the law of supply and demand. People want a great place to live, yet there isn’t one available yet in that area. With impressive schools surrounding the areas and other amenities as previously mentioned, the prestige of the location and the quality of the units is what has led to the impressive interest and market growth.

Preview for The Garden Residences Keppel Land

During its preview in late May, a few thousand people were estimated to have attended – proving that there is great and growing interest in this new place to live.
Being surrounded by other wealthy and popular locations has increased the market vitality of The Garden Residences and have warranted the high price that they require to live in this new area.

Another great feature of this location, and another reason why they are asking such a high price, is that there are many transportation systems located only minutes away. If you get the chance to live here, not only do you have the advantage of a great place to live, but also a wonderful surrounding area.

A quick look at the images of this project and the expected interest and the beauty and prowess of the surrounding area will prove that the prices that they are asking for and the market interest and growth we have seen so far with it are most certainly warranted and give way to even further interest that will result in all of the units being filled and overall economic and societal growth in the North Avenue area.