The Clematis SingHaiYi Properties Amenities

In the last decade, the Singaporean government has taken Some important steps to resolve housing problems and to fix population density issue. they have been feeling some of the lands to the private real estate company and even funding them as well to resolve these problems. among them, one of the biggest projects is taken on Bukit Timah and in Clementi. the government is planning to make them Megacity and turn them into the business area as well. In this scenario, Sing Haiyi company is playing a vital role to change the look of clematis.

The Clematis Condo by SingHaiYi Properties

Clematis is situated beside the largest business district of Singapore, Bukit Timah. SingHaiyi company is selling condos in heart of the climates.It Is actually located in the former West Park which has some historical values as well.SingHaiyi Has taken some measures to ensure the security of the residential. The Clematis SingHaiYi and apartments are built on 633644 sq ft. They have the largest parking lot to park almost 150 cars at a single time. They condos and Apartments are also designed with some of the famous architecture of Singapore. So you will get all the latest facilities in your new home.

Hospitals and Schools Near to The Clematis Condo

SECURITY: They have surveillance cameras which are covering all the area. their security guards work in a shift for 12 hours. so they won’t be able to get sleepy or tired in the work. they even check registry if some stranger tries to enter the apartment area.

1)HOSPITALS: Canterbury Medical hospital is Located only two blocks away from the clematis project. it is one of the best hospitals in Singapore especially for surgery.they have even helicopter landing facility for emergency situations. So in case something bad happens to you at the night, you will be able to get medical help within 5 minutes.

2)SCHOOLS: Some of the elegant schools like Clementi Town Secondary School located within a 1-kilometer radius of this project. So you don’t have to worry about your children education if you move on here.

Shopping Mall Near to The Clematis Singapore

3)MALLS: One of the biggest shopping mall within Bukit Timah and Clementi region named The Clementi mall is located only 673 meters away from the clematis project. SingHaiyi Group has also established some malls to achieve the given go of the government to turn this place into one of the biggest business districts of Singapore. So if you want to start a business in here, you can start from there as well and my event gets some discount as you are buying both apartment and shop.

ENTERTAINMENT: Some big Parks like Regent Park,West park How located near the location. so you will be able to make a family picnic there. You can take your kid to Polyart Aquarium which will not only just a amuse him but also help him to learn any mail of oceans as well. they even have a large swimming pool area included in their project .so you will be able to swim as well and will be able to have a good time with your friends.

so if you are thinking to buy a Condo or apartment then wait no more and make your deal today.AS it is one of the main centers of the business district, the price is rising up every day.

Amenities Near to The Garden Residences by Keppel Land and Wingtai Holdings

The Garden Residences are located in the North of Serangoon and have grown much attention in recent months with their opening and many April private home sales. The market for them is growing and the interest for them is increasing greatly.

Although this is becoming an incredible place to live near to The Garden Residences Keppel Land, it’s not just due to the quality of the living spaces. The reason the market for this residential area is increasing in value and the reason it began so high is due to the fact that the area isn’t completely residential.

Amenities Near to The Garden Residences

Surrounding The Garden Residences are everything from places to eat, places to be entertained, and essentially everything you could desire around your home. The cost of living here is in the millions and could be expected to increase as demand for them increases. There will be 613 units available in the structure once it is launched in June, with hundreds of people already desiring to live here.

As with most large residential structures such as this, which boasts a grand 15 stories, there are numerous styles of homes available – from one bedroom with a study to three bedrooms. This variation in size and space for all different sizes of families, The Garden Residences is proving to offer a little bit for everyone. This fact is reinforced with the nearby malls, dining spaces, and famous attractions that are entertaining for individuals of all passions, ages, and backgrounds.

Prices for The Garden Residences by Keppel Land and Wingtai Holdings

The prices for these units will range as the size of them ranges, from around $800,000 to prices in the $1,000,000s and further.

Due to the lack of similar facilities and living spaces in the area, The Garden Residences is a near perfect example of a company taking advantage of the law of supply and demand. People want a great place to live, yet there isn’t one available yet in that area. With impressive schools surrounding the areas and other amenities as previously mentioned, the prestige of the location and the quality of the units is what has led to the impressive interest and market growth.

Preview for The Garden Residences Keppel Land

During its preview in late May, a few thousand people were estimated to have attended – proving that there is great and growing interest in this new place to live.
Being surrounded by other wealthy and popular locations has increased the market vitality of The Garden Residences and have warranted the high price that they require to live in this new area.

Another great feature of this location, and another reason why they are asking such a high price, is that there are many transportation systems located only minutes away. If you get the chance to live here, not only do you have the advantage of a great place to live, but also a wonderful surrounding area.

A quick look at the images of this project and the expected interest and the beauty and prowess of the surrounding area will prove that the prices that they are asking for and the market interest and growth we have seen so far with it are most certainly warranted and give way to even further interest that will result in all of the units being filled and overall economic and societal growth in the North Avenue area.

Specifications of Mayfair Modern by Citrine Property

Basically, Mayfair Modern is a based on six residential blocks which was also known as Mayfair Gardens. It is the residential development which is available for sale in markets owned by Citrine Property. Citrine Property is the developing company of Oxley Holdings. It has 208400 square feet site area and 2242384 square feet gross floor area. It has three hundred eight seven units approximately. Condominium of Mayfair Modern is situated in the heart of Bukit Timah in the central region of Singapore.

Specifications of Mayfair Modern

It has multiple specifications which make Mayfair Modern attractive and prominent. It is very positive initiative which is taken by Oxley Holdings to build Mayfair Modern Condominium. Specifications and facilities included in Mayfair Modern are,
 Marketed by Reputable Developer Oxley Holdings
 Guard House
 Club House
 Function Room
 50 M Swimming Pool
 Sun Deck
 BBQ Pits
 Indoor Gym
 Playgrounds for Children

Other specifications of Mayfair Modern include

1. Situated in Commercial Zone: Mayfair Modern is very important due to its geographical locations. It is located in the hub of markets and business in Bukit Timah. For instance, very famous Bukit Timah Shopping Centre, Beauty World Centre and Beauty World Plaza are also situated very close to Mayfair Modern. Addition to this, King Albert Park is also located in the surroundings of Mayfair Modern. Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is also located near to the Mayfair Modern Condo.

2. Transportation Facilities: It is quite easy to reach at Mayfair Modern by using different means of transportation. It is located near to the King Albert Park MRT Station. You can also avail several bus services from Dunearn Road and Bukit Timah Road. These apartments are also very near to Bukit Timah Expressway BTE and Pan Island Expressway PIE.

3. Education Facilities: Before choosing right place to stay, it is imperative to check out the schooling institutes near to that place. Mayfair Modern Condominium is located at ideal location for education and learning institutes. Famous and prestigious institutions of the region are located in the surroundings of Mayfair Modern Condominium.

Mayfair Modern a Attractive Property for Investors

Overall, it is very attractive place for investors from all over the world. It is fast growing property because it has all facilities which are required in proper housing real estate. Oxley Holding had bought Mayfair Gardens and then changed the name of condominium to Mayfair Modern to enhance the prestige of these apartments in market to attracts the attention of investors and customers.

Sloane Residences Balmoral Road Close to Public Amenities and Supermarkets

Sloane Residences is a serene luxury home residence located in Balmoral road and has been developed by the prestigious Tiong Seng Holdings Limited who have been in the industry for the last 50 years and Ocean Sky International who have also made a mark in the construction industry with buildings like the Eco Garden Mall.

When choosing a home you must consider a lot of factors before you decide on the perfect one and Sloane Residences have unique and many facilities available for the residences making it suitable for everyone whether with or without families.

Proximity To Social And Public Amenities Near to Sloane Residences

When looking for the perfect home, it is important to consider the amenities close by, for example if you have kids, you need to choose a home with close proximity to hospitals and good schools. Sloane residence being in the heart of Balmoral road is strategically located and gives you a wide variety of both elite and regular schools to choose from and good hospitals.

For country club lovers, it is the best home for you as it is near several country clubs where you can go make business contacts as some of these clubs are where successful business people gather. You also have a place you and your family can enjoy yourselves during the weekends or during holidays.

Sloane Residences Near to Grocery Stores and Supermarkets

Sloane Residences Condo is also near several grocery stores and supermarkets. This makes it convenient and therefore saves you a lot of time if you want to go do your shopping. You are also guaranteed of getting fresh foods especially fruits and vegetables and you get a wide variety of stores to choose from so you can get the best for you and your family.

When choosing a home you also need to be sure that you and your family live in a secure place and this is also important to us. Sloane residence has a guard house and therefore you have 24hr security for you and your family in all parts of the building and its surrounding. Its location is also in a secure neighborhood, so you live freely knowing you are secured at any time of the day.

Public Transportation Near to Sloane Residences

If you regularly use public transportation, then you know how vital it is to live near one, and because Sloane Residence is a few minutes’ walk to the Newton M.R.T Station, it will make the perfect home for you as you will save a lot of time to and from the station.

For residences who travel to the city, Sloane Residence is also right next to the expressway making it easily accessible.

Little India Shopping in India Close to Perumal Road

Welcome to the best place for getting to know the best of the Indian community in Singapore – Little India. You will be amazed at its colorful setting, historical background, and an extraordinary shopping offer. There is much to do and see in this part of Singapore, that simply lures you to come back again and experience this unique atmosphere again.

Historical background of Little India

At the beginning of the 18th century – during 1840’, this area was occupied by Europeans. They lived here primarily because of the existing racecourse.

In the following years, cattle trading developed and established a strong foundation. Since traders usually hired Indian migrants for work, Indians traders began to permanently inhabit this area. The Indian community continued to develop and enrich their new settlement with mosques and Hindu temples.

As soon as you step into Little India, you will feel that something special awaits you. All of your senses will be awakened in the ways you never knew before. You just can’t be prepared for the explosion of flavors, sounds, and fragrances. Perumal Road Condo by Low Keng Huat which is called Uptown @ Farrer is located close to Little India as well. Uptown @ Farrer is highly sought after due to its located close to Little India.

Perumal Road Condo Close to Little India

Merchants will do their best to interest you in their products, by offering you to taste and smell various spices in vibrant colors. Chai lovers will be thrilled with the aroma of Indian chai made of roses.
Henna tattoo professional artists are waiting on every corner to give you a special Indian tattoo, which is unlike something you’ve seen before.
What Not to Miss in Little India?
Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple – this is one of the most famous and one of the oldest Hindu temples in Little India. This temple is at the very core of Little India and is an excellent reminder on the efforts and love invested in its construction.

Abdul Gaffor Mosque – this mosque was built in 1859 as a place that served many Indian merchants. Since its founding, it has gone through many restorations. The mosque is actually a unique mixture of Indian and Roman style.

Temple of 1000 Lights – the architecture of this temple is different because it is mainly in Thai style. Tourists love the Temple of 1000 Lights because it holds one-of-a-kind attraction – a picture of Buda surrounded with many light bulbs.
Some of the other temples to visit are Leong San See Temple, House of Tan Tengah, Sri Srinivasa Temple, and many more.

Shopping for Groceries Close to Little India

If you like shopping for groceries, you will definitely love the Tekka Centre. Even if shopping is not your thing, this is a completely different experience than going to the usual markets. This is an indoor market where you can find the most incredible products. Besides a stunning offer of fresh food and spices, there are also plenty of restaurants where you can try real Indian food and Halal dishes. One thing is sure – you will not leave this place hungry.

For those who like shopping for clothes and other miscellaneous accessories, there is 24-hour open Mustafa Center. The only problem is that you will probably spend more money than you planned, because of all the electronic goods, health and beauty products, textiles, etc.
Come and Experience Little India!
This truly is a magical destination. Just wait until you see its colorful festivals (Festival of Lights, Pongal Festival) and celebrations like Indian New Year. They are a true representation of how mythology and tradition meet new era and make a very interesting combination. Listen to the music and treat your senses with an unforgettable experience.

Boulevard 88 Location Freehold Development

Boulevard 88 is an ongoing project that will make up residential apartments at the Orchard Boulevard and will be located along Orchard Road, Singapore in District 9. This project is a freehold development site that will be a walking distance to various MRT stations, easing the process of commuting for its future residents. The project is a collaboration between City Developments Limited (CDL), Hong Leong Holdings and Lea Holdings, known as the Granmil Holdings Pte Ltd.

Boulevard 88 Location Near to Orchard MRT Station

As earlier stated, the place is a central location due to its proximity to the city center and other MRT stations. The high demand by investors results from its promise of high returns on rent and other investments. The future residents of the area are also potential recipients of the gains. Boulevard 88 will have the most modern fittings and fixtures, giving it a nice polished look for the apartments. The other advantage for the future residents is its closeness to the Central Business District, which places residents close to their

Recreation Facilities at Boulevard 88

The project will also be loaded with a ton of recreational facilities for the residents, fit for families. There will be a 50-meter swimming pool that will meet the international standards. The swimming pool area will also have a pool deck and a barbeque area for holding parties and mingling with other residents in the complex. Additionally, Boulevard 88 will have a gymnasium and a tennis court that will be availed to all residents, at all times. A clubhouse will also be added to the complex, for the sake of families who need to hold gatherings and parties.

Boulevard 88 Freehold Development Recreational Facilities

Lastly, the freehold property will provide a giant playground for the children below the age of 12, offering a space for sports and other kid-friendly recreational facilities. Future residents will also have an easy time with ample parking, with a guarantee for the safety of their cars. The overall security will also be covered, with state of the art CCTV cameras and round the clock professional security guards on the premises. These and other amenities such as schools and hospitals offer both convenience and efficiency to live in the area. Since the project is reserved for the very privileged in society, no cost is to be spared for the prestigious endeavor

Parkwood Collection Fantasia Holding Group Prices and Showflat

The Parkwood Collection is one of the contemporary landed housing developments that located in the housing district of Hougang landed. This is within the small walking distance from Hougang station. This Plot is remained as one of the top choices for many developers because of its boutique breadth. Most of the homeowners are looking for a new brand with a new landed housing near to the station, which will find the location is a highly sought land. This collection is released recently under the presence of GLS program. It is also represented as one of the few landed property with most of the basic sales by the team of developers and buyers. It is also well known as the first landed property in this year in the Hougang area.

Parkwood Collection Fantasia Holding Group Prices and Showflat

The Fantasia Holdings in Parkwood collection landed property is one of the strategical areas that was located with too many shopping complexes around the vicinity. You can also invest in the Parkwood collection that located very near to the Hougang Mall as well as MRT station. However, the venture is not small but  also it takes very few minutes to walk over the centers like Heartland mall that located around the area. These ventures may include many shop houses that connected along with the above Serangoon road which serves as one of the local delights, especially in the night.In order to ensure the affordability for all wide range of customers, the Fantasia aimed to focus all its properties for the business development to aid more profits by themselves. The following are some of the properties focused on the Fantasia Holdings. Please see Parkwood Collection prices and showflat location which is available for viewing soon at the showflat.

Parkwood Collection Showflat Location and Fantasia Holding Group

Boutique Upscale Residence is one of the categories of Fantasia group. The concept of boutique upscale comes by building the attractive residential structure along the countryside place with creative scenery model. All the residential buildings over there area well interlinked each other along with the metropolitan interior founded by roads and expressways. They are built in the type of phrases which help to manage the capital holdings with the average selling price.

Fantasia Holdings are determined and aimed to focus on the development plans especially on goods and service that targets the four main cities like Chain and many more. They are aimed to evaluate the property based geographic considerations at low costing lands. Parkwood Collection is a landed property located right in the heart of Houganf Avenue 7.

Parkwood Collection Prices and Showflat Landed Property

Parkwood Collection Hougang Lorong 1 Realty Park Landed Property:
With the property development services, Fantasia holdings will provide the extraordinary services for property and hotel services. They engage their property in the services in order to strengthen all the abilities of property development. All the property solutions are really helpful to everyone by upgrading the value of development properties. The property agency well aided in maximizing the marketing efforts.

The Fantasia holdings at Parkwood Collection are completely accessible with the MRT Station of Hougang towards the North East Line as well as Hougang Bus Interchange too. Especially for the owners who mainly prefer to avail the buses will have many bus routes that are available along with the Hougang Avenue 2 as well as above Serangoon Road. The buses will take you directly to the city as well as to other parts of Singapore like as Orchard Road as well as the Woodlands area too.

Park Colonial Condo Chip Eng Seng Woodleigh Lane

Chip Eng Seng Corp, Heeton Holdings and KSH Holdings (together: CEL Unique Development) combine forces to develop the perfect place for a comfortable, tranquil and family friendly life in the middle of Woodleigh. A well-connected condo with an unblocked view, exactly what you’re looking for? Park Colonial Chip Eng Seng is a new development by Chip Eng Seng and Heeton Holdings.

The condos The plot that was obtained by CEL Unique Development provides space for an estimated 735 units to be built. The current plan includes facilities including:

● Guardhouse

● Clubhouse

● Function room

● Indoor gym

● Tennis court

● 50m swimming pool

● Sundeck

● BBQ pits

● Children’s playground

Park Colonial Condo Bartley City Fringe Area

In the condos themselves, the new owners of Park Colonial Bartley area will enjoy all the modern comfort and entertainment features necessary to enjoy a full family life. Including wonderful unblocked views of the surrounding Woodleigh area.


One of the things that make this location so popular is the proximity of shopping centers and other amenities. The Venue Shoppes at Potong Pasir MRT Station and Nex Shopping Mall at Serangoon MRT Station are just a short MRT ride away.

Woodleigh MRT Sation

The station, that’s been built underneath the Upper Serangoon Road, provides a rapid connection with all of the city. The station is equipped with plasma screens that provide important travel information.

Park Colonial Condo Chip Eng Seng Developer Woodleigh Lane

With Serangoon MRT Station Interchange near to Park Colonial Woodleigh Lane just one stop away, moving around the city is a breeze. Get to Botanic Gardens, Farrer Road, Buona Vista, Harbour Front and Marina Bay efficiently. The construction of Woodleigh station was completed in 2003 but the station only opened in 2011. This was because people thought the station was haunted.

The Venue Shoppes

The Venue Shoppes can be found at the Potong Pasir MRT Station only one stop from Woodleigh station. There are 5 shops and 23 different restaurants.

Next Shopping Mall

This shopping mall is integrated with the Serangoon MRT Station. Here you’ll find a cinema, 2 food courts and countless shops.

Park Colonial KSH Holdings Woodleigh MRT Station

Also near the development, we find the Bidadari area. The government wants to promote an active and healthy lifestyle and wants to do this by providing more green and pedestrian sidewalks. So close to Bidadari, the residents of the new development in Woodleigh will be able to enjoy these transformations.

The developers

Heeton Holdings

Heeton Holdings is an expert real estate developer. All over Singapore, their developments can be found but also on the international market they are a reliable player. With projects in Sapporo Japan, United Kingdom, Britain, Manchester and Hilton they know what suits the needs of investors and buyers. Innovation is a key element of all Heeton Holdings developments.

Chip Eng Seng

A company founded in the 1960s that grew rapidly due to its quality work and competitive pricing. Chip Eng Seng has a varied background in commercial, residential and industrial developments. They pride themselves on their many successful joint ventures and partnerships of which Park Colonial is one. Solid ethical practices, hard work and a team with the highest possible expertise make Chip Eng Seng a unique and very successful player in the field.

KSH Holdings

KSH Holdings is comprised of a group of well-established construction, property development and property management companies that operate across Asia and beyond. The Holding has completed hundreds of projects that have been rated safe and of quality construction by CONQUAS. These include industry, commercial and residential buildings.

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The Tapestry Tampines Avenue 10 CDL Condo

The Tapestry Condo is a are elegant, luxurious and stylish condo put out for sale by the City Developments Limited (CDL). The highly well designed residential masterpieces will feature approximately 800 units. The condominiums are built on an area of 233,767 square feet and they are will be a series of luxury homes designed to perfection.

The Tapestry Condo Tampines Avenue 10 Condo

Lucky residents of these meticulously designed luxury homes will enjoy the close proximity of location Temasek Polytechnic and Bedok Reservoir. The condos development is the last plan near Bedok Reservoir which is known for numerous water sport activities. Tapestry Condo has a functional layout that makes it easy for residents to access different amenities in the area.

Finding a home to live in can be a stressful situation to encounter. You need to worry about not just the price, but the location, what the home comes with and what you may need to fix or renovate yourself. But, what if you don’t want to live in a traditional home or you may just not be able to afford one. Living in a condo can be a great way to save money while also having the perfect amount of space for you and your loved ones.

The Tapestry Condo is a brand new housing development located at Tampines Avenue 10. You can also find scenic locations such as the Bedok Reservoir, where you can take in the scenery and watch some water sports. Feel free to bring your own equipment to go canoeing or kayaking! It’s also located near premier established learning institutions, such as St. Hilda’s Primary and Secondary School and Temasek Polytechnic. You can be rest assured that your children’s education and possibly even your own will be in safe hands.

The Tapestry Condo Site and Floor Plans

Residents will be able to access a wide range of amenities including 50m swimming pool, guard house, clubhouse, children’s playground, indoor gym, function room, tennis court, BBQ pits and a sun deck. Plans to build a childcare center are also on the way. Bedok Reservoir- The development is strategically located next to the Bedok Reservoir giving residents a chance to enjoy numerous water activities including sailing, kayaking and canoeing. A jogging track is also available where residents can jog or ride a bike. There is also fitness station and playground in the area thus you can enjoy living in high quality condos and a healthy lifestyle.

The Tapestry Tampines CDL Condo

Temasek Polytechnic- Availability of a respected educational institution near the development makes it extremely attractive for people looking to advance their careers. Temasek Polytechnic is a renowned education institution and also the third polytechnic in Singapore and it is located near Tapestry Condo. The institution offers high quality courses including graduate diplomas, broader courses for people aspiring to join university programs and specific courses for working professionals.
Tapestry Condos are designed to perfection. From numerous amenities, connectivity, to its pricing and proximity to an education institution, Tapestry Condos are without a doubt a great option for prospective residents.

The Development by City Developments Limited is the last piece of land available for sale in the Government Land Sales Programme. The other parcels QBay Residences (Parcel A), The Santorini (Parcel B), and Alps Residences (Parcel) have been bid, rendering Parcel C the only piece of land available in that area. The Tapestry will be launched by the CDL for residents or for investment purposes. This just proves that the properties near the Bedok Reservoir are in high demand by developers.

The Tampines is found close to the Tampines Central New Town. The Government is planning to expand the town in order to decentralize the Central Business District which is becoming crowded. The latest development in Tampines town is the two new MRT stations; Tampines West and East which caters for the increase in the population and it is aimed to help to reduce the transport requirements hence the people living near the Tampines will have improved transport to other places such as the Airport as well as Expo.

The main motto of this polytechnic is to bring education to life and life into the education that determines their faithful thought towards running this concept. The vision of this trusted institution is to become a world-class representative at a global platform to bring the spirit of innovation and excellence. This leading institution has gained a reputation for being the most dynamic polytechnic in Singapore. One of the finest facilities is available here for the students in order to provide the best education.

Jui Residences Near to The Venue Shoppes Singapore

Do you desire to live in an environment that is cool and offers you comfort? Are you tired covering longer distances to get essential services? Well, this nightmare is never experienced at Jui Residences. Located along Serangoon road, Jui Residences boasts of several benefits that it’s residents enjoy. Discussed below are the reasons why life is enjoyable at Jui Residences.

Jui Residences The Venue Shoppes Singapore

Most parents find it easy to educate their children due to the good academic institutions that surround Jui Residences. Among the institutions is Cedar Girls secondary school that is an academic center offering quality education to girls and equipping them with good skills that enable them to become valuable in the society. Equally, St Andrew’s Junior College is amongst the leading colleges in the country. It offers a platform for boys and girls who have the passion to advance their education. Not only does the college nature students academically but also in other fields like sports and in spiritual matters. This makes Jui Residences a place everyone would wish to live. Jui Residences The Venue Shoppes is also located at Potong Pasir MRT Station.

Jui Residences Potong Pasir Town

Travelling from one place to the other is easier at Jui Residences. This is because it is located next to the intersection of Central Expressway as well as the Plan Island Expressway. This makes car owners to easily access areas such as Changi airport, Woodlands or Orchard. Equally, there are buses that can be easily accessed making it easier for one to travel. Jui Residences is also located near Potong Pasir MRT station hence it’s easy for residents to move using the train.

Jui Residences Selangor Dredging

Jui Residences is located near Venue shoppes which is a major shopping center. It gives a wide variety of shopping option to the residents. It is impossible for one to miss any item they wish to get at Venue shoppes. Equally, there are several eateries where families can branch and enjoy delicious mouth-watering delicacies.

Jui Residence is an environment of peace and comfort. Not only does it offer the above benefits but also there are swimming pools around, tennis court and indoor gym. These are the reasons why Jui Residences are the best!